Fuelade Solutions Company Overview

Fuelade is a revolutionary new product that enhances combustion in diesel engines and is a completely green, non-hazardous, non-abrasive and non-toxic product. The benefits of Fuelade’s fuel savings and, more importantly, significantly reduced emissions, have extended throughout North American and to Asia, Europe, Africa, and Central America. Being a relatively new product in this domain, we are making some significant in-roads into several market sectors, domestically and internationally.

Intensive research and development activities coupled with extensive ongoing testing across different equipment, has enabled this product to be the new standard in fuel savings and emission reductions.

Fuelade Solutions is your connection to reducing costly emissions and fuel consumption. Request more information about us!

Fuelade:  The Product

We currently offer one product – Fuelade. This product provides reductions in emissions as well as respectable improvements in fuel economy. The benefits reach beyond fuel and emissions.

In today’s challenging environment of tighter regulations and ever-increasing demands on stricter compliance, a product such as Fuelade gives you gives you a competitive advantage.

The improved fuel economy and reduction in emissions are just two benefits. There are also additional benefits such as increased horsepower, reduced maintenance costs, longer life-cycle for critical components and an overall increase in productivity at reduced operating costs. All while maintaining a smaller carbon foot-print of the operations.

The product is very concentrated. One gallon of Fuelade is sufficient to treat 8,000 gallons of diesel fuel. This equates to one-tenth of a teaspoon per treated gallon.