An Independent Study of Fuelade Using ASTM E1259 Protocol

Fuelade has been rigorously tested by the Southwest Research Institute, one of the most prestigious testing facilities in the United States, to ensure compliance with the ASTM D975 Standards for diesel fuel. The results of the testing show that Fuelade is a completely safe product that causes no wear to engines. In fact, over the road testing has shown it to enhance the efficiency and cleanliness of the engine’s combustion chamber.

Fuelade is OEM Compliant

Fuelade diesel meets all OEM requirement standards for:

  • Caterpillar Specifications For Distillate Diesel Fuel
  • Cummins Diesel Fuel Property Requirements
  • Detroit Diesel Standards

View the Fuelade ASTM document.

The Fuelade Material Safety Data Sheet

Fuelade is a completely organic, green and safe product.

View the Fuelade MSDS document.